A pencil illustration of a war machine on long legs being hit with an explosion, a crowd of humans in distress is on the ground

unmnemonic devices

Is knowing about the impending doom and subsequent death of everyone on Earth getting you down? We here at Chromatin know the feeling. That’s why we want to share with you our breakthrough invention: unmnemonic devices™

Santa Cruz
6pm, April 4th

What is it?

Want to stop obsessing about how most of your family perished in the dramatic coastal floods of this past summer? Need to block out those terrible experiences you had when martial law was declared? Having nightmares about the tornados that obliterated Denver? By following the state-of-the-art procedure we’ve developed (patent pending), you can leverage knowledge stores to help you forget about everything that’s been bothering you lately.

How does it work?

When you encounter a phrase that represents a traumatic incident you’ve barely survived and tell it to our advanced processing system, you’ll receive kinetic instructions. If you follow them properly, the catharsis will purge your pain.

Tell me more!

To learn more about our technique, please register to attend the participatory demonstration in Santa Cruz starting at 6pm on Thursday, April 4, 2024.

We will meet at a downtown location at 5:30pm and bus to the demonstration grounds together, but you can make alternate arrangements to travel there by bike or car or the like and meet us, let us know.

What is it, really?

Spoil me It’s an interactive puzzle-solving adventure, a game akin to a scavenger hunt. Teams will find texts to read into software that will direct them to various locations. The site is “in character” and therefore cryptic but use the form below if you have questions.


A $5 donation is requested to cover printing costs and labour. If that’s too much, any amount (including 0) is welcome.

Accessibility, families

Do you have accessibility needs we should know about? Please tell us when you register and we will work with you to ensure you can participate.

Families with children are welcome to participate!


You must register to attend the event, as each therapeutic journey is hand-tuned. If you’re uncertain whether you can make it, register anyway; you can cancel up until the day before.

Since it’s likely that friends are struggling with similar issues, don’t hesitate to invite them along. It can be helpful to have others around when facing these challenges.


This is not the registration form, that’s here.


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